Benefits From Future Trading

  • Covers price risk :
    As a producer/processor, futures trading helps to hedge the price risk.
  • Enables Companies to finalize Costing :
    On the commodity exchanges, simultaneously 3 to 6 futures contracts phased over a timespan of 6 - 12 months are available. This provides the firm to lock in the purchase prices for almost an year thus enabling the management to finalise the sale price of the final good without affecting the margins.
  • Locks in Margins :
    Because every rupee rise in the cost of raw material cannot be passed on to the final consumer keeping in mind the price competition in the markets, the firm/organisation can lock in the commodity prices using the futures contracts.
  • Better working Capital utilization :
    Direct purchase in the spot markets require huge capital. This constrains the working capital available with the firm. On the futures platform, for dealing the same quantity - the amount employed could be as low as 1/10th of the amount employed in spot transaction. Thus the firm can free up the workingcapital and use it for other requirements of the firm.
  • Prize Discovery :
    In majority of the markets, the trade is controlled by few traders, while futures platform provides an electronic format to attract buyers & sellers from across India. With more buyers & sellers participating, the price of any commodity is efficiently discovered.`