MCX MCX Future Prices delayed by 20 minutes... Copper  ( 31 AUG 2018 ) 422.7 down [0.20]  Copper Mini MUM  ( 31 AUG 2018 ) 422.75 down [0.21]  Crude Oil  ( 19 JUL 2018 ) 0.5 down [-64.28]  Crude Oil  ( 19 JUL 2018 ) 4884 down [2.17]  Gold  ( 3 AUG 2018 ) 30105 down [-0.13]  Gold M  ( 3 AUG 2018 ) 30131 down [-0.14]  Mentha Oil  ( 31 JUL 2018 ) 1603.4 down [3.98]  Natural Gas HZR  ( 26 JUL 2018 ) 189.6 down [-1.35]  Silver  ( 5 SEP 2018 ) 39046 down [-0.73]  Silver M  ( 31 AUG 2018 ) 39071 down [-0.72]  Silver Micro AHM  ( 31 AUG 2018 ) 39070 down [-0.72]  Zinc Mum  ( 31 JUL 2018 ) 0.01 down [0.00]  Zinc Mum  ( 31 JUL 2018 ) 0.01 down [0.00]  Zinc Mum  ( 31 JUL 2018 ) 0.01 down [-66.66]   SPOT FUTURE
About us

Leo Global Commodities Private Ltd. is a venture promoted by a group of individuals who have rich experience in the commodities trading and sourcing world; having been associated with it for the last 20 years. Our firm leverages their expertise to deliver hedging, trading and delivery platforms to our clients in commodities and currencies. The company was founded in 2002 and is a member of the MCX, NCDEX and MSEI. Leo Global is headquartered in Hyderabad, and has clients across India. The company has a diverse clientele; this includes small-to-large size corporates in agri-business, metals, foods and bullion trade, as well as individuals. Leo Global is a part of the Leo & UKS Group which have interests in stock broking, retail distribution, hospitality and real estate as well.

As members of the (MCX), (NCDEX), (NSEL), Metropolitan Stock Exchange (Currency) we provide a platform to our corporate and retail clients to trade in commodity and currency futures. The futures contracts are available for trade across the USD/INR currency and a wide variety of commodities viz., bullion, base metals, agri-commodities (seeds and edible oils), crude oil, currencies, carbon credits, etc. Leo Global has state-of-the-art facilities to ensure a secure and hassle free trading system. At Leo Global, we provide our clients with the best possible access to information, to help them make more informed decisions. Our trading desks are just a phone call away, and our traders are on call to ensure efficient trades during market hours. Along with the futures trading platform, we assist our clients in taking and giving delivery on the exchanges. The exchanges have high quality standards for all commodities which end up in delivery. This factor is encouraging more corporates to source their raw material via the exchanges. Members of the commodity exchanges are subject to strict surveillance by the Forward Markets Commission and the exchanges themselves; Leo Global is proud to have established a very dependable reputation within the system.