Do's and Dont's

  • Do's :
    1. Read, understand the term & conditions clearly and then execute the client-member agreement.
    2. Enter correct and complete details in the form, fill up all fields yourself. Do not leave any spaces blank or do not handover it to other person to fill it up.
    3. The details provided by you help us serve you better & thus, you are required to provide correct details & keep it updated.
    4. Please provide correct email id & contact number.
    5. Be aware of the risk associated with your Cash Market and Futures & Options positions in the market and margin calls on them. In case of inadequate margin or nonpayment of margin in your account, your positions will be squared off by the Risk Management Team.
    6. In case of margin calls, we inform you through all possible ways i.e. mail id (registered with us), your contact / mobile number but it is your responsibility to maintain adequate margins. Our RMS team can square off your positions in case of non-payment or inadequate margin.
    7. Trading password should be kept secret & in no way should be revealed to other person/s. All transaction effected from its uses would be considered entered by you & thus, you will be solely responsible for this.
    8. Strictly follow password policy.
    9. Verify details in contract notes, sent on your registered mail id & through post, on receipt. If you find any discrepancy then immediately inform us on
    10. Confirm the delivery of shares in your Demat Account before selling.
  • Dont's :
    1. Do not execute the client member agreement until you clear your doubt.
    2. Do not provide wrong details.
    3. Do not trade in any product without knowing the risk involved. Keep yourself aware of equity market investments.
    4. Do not trade on behalf of others.
    5. Do not pay cash to any employee of the broking firm for trading.
    6. Do not trade on the basis of market rumors. Always verify the authenticity of such rumors. Analyze the information available to make investments.
    7. Do not overlook any discrepancy in contract note.
    8. Do not trust any person who assures you of a fixed return by trading on your behalf.
    9. Do not reveal your password to anyone.
    10. Do not short sell shares. You need to have required stock available in your demat account before selling it.